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The Best of Africa Awards honours and celebrates people and platforms supporting ethical socio-economic development causes in and for Africa.

Launched in 2011, the Best of Africa (BoA) Awards have grown into a remarkable and inspiring fixture in the calendar of the footballers and philanthropists of African descent.

The awards provide a unique opportunity to celebrate the hard work of many of Africa’s more illustrious sons and daughters in the world of professional sport and media. Held in the finest surroundings and attended by the cream of the footballing world, the awards offer an unrivalled opportunity to celebrate Africa, discover more about the often lesser-known charitable endeavours of footballers and all of the great work that happens across the continent.

We are inviting you over the next month to submit your entries for this prestigious award, that will be given in the presence of leaders in African football and philanthropy on 30th April 2018 at a location in London.

To enter your project or nominate a deserving professional footballer of African heritage for any of the awards, please send one video and complete the application form, which you can download below. Entries must be submitted by March 2nd 2018.



  • Baobab Award (The strongest tree)
    This award will go to the organisation / project that in the past 12 months has demonstrated the greatest impact.
  • Philanthropic Endeavour: Leadership
    This award will go to a Professional Athlete who has demonstrated exceptional vision, passion, and commitment to Leadership, developing or supporting a measurable paradigm.
  • Philanthropic Endeavour: Advocacy
    This prize will be awarded to a Professional Athlete whose work sets him/herself apart as a role model. He/she will have demonstrated exceptional skills in championing a cause or program of significant international repute.
  • Philanthropic Endeavour: Youth Engagement
    This award will go a Professional Athlete who has demonstrated exceptional vision, passion, and commitment to Youth Engagement and made a measurable impact on lives.
  • Philanthropic Endeavour: Community Action


This award will be given to a Professional Athlete who has remarkably changed the lives of a community or communities.


  • A prestigious judging panel has been assembled to assess the impact and relevance of all entries against criteria, which includes:
  • Relevance to award category applied for
  • Measured impact of project
  • Clarity in identification of the need for the project
  • Creativity (uniqueness and adaptability) in the delivery of the project
  • Evidence of the work and impact achieved (media / video content)


Please note, you will not be judged on the quality of the video content provided, but it is advised to capture the best examples possible in the video entry to accurately demonstrate your work. It is a chance for you also to be creative around your submissions.

For purposes of clarity and fairness, the judging panel will only be announced to the public after entries have been submitted up to 2nd March 2018.

The awards are strictly invite only, so only those projects shortlisted will be invited to attend on 30th April. However, entering your foundation / project to awards will raise the profile of your work amongst the great and the good of African football and philanthropy.
To nominate a footballer or project for one of the awards please complete the following form:


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