Founded to support and celebrate African-owned philanthropic endeavour by footballers of African heritage, the Best of Africa Awards honours and celebrates people and platforms supporting ethical socio-economic development causes in and for Africa.

Launched in 2011, the Best of Africa (BoA) Awards have grown into a remarkable and inspiring fixture in the calendar of the African players across the world, but its appeal has expanded beyond football to now support the emergence of a more comprehensive appreciation of the modern African Philanthropy story.

The awards dinner provides a unique opportunity to celebrate the hard work of many of Africa’s more illustrious sons and daughters in the world of professional sport. Held in the finest surroundings and attended by the cream of the footballing world, the night offers an unrivalled opportunity to celebrate Africa, discover more about the links between footballers and their lesser-known charitable endeavours, and enjoy first class entertainment in an exclusive setting.

We believe it is of paramount importance that we champion, support and foster platforms that speak of African success, to serve as an inspiration to the next generation but also to the vast many citizens of the African Diaspora that we are all called to play our part, no matter how small, in the re-writing and re-evaluation of the continent’s development paradigm. We are also resolute in our belief that sharing best practices and seeking out ways of fusing individual efforts would help speed up the development process by aiding efficiency and effectiveness. These desires informed our call to action at the beginning and they underpin this movement as we seek to broaden the Best of Africa family pool and encourage a more positive, productive and proactive engagement with Africa through Philanthropy, Leadership and Excellence.


At BoA, we see the visibility of football and its star players a key conduit for the amplification of the remarkable contribution that excellence, leadership and philanthropy can play in the development paradigm in and for Africa. To get involved and become a partner of the BoA, please contact us for more information.


Baobab Award:
This award will go to the organisation / project that in the past 12 months has demonstrated the greatest impact.


“Off-Field” Award Categories:

  • Philanthropic Endeavour: Leadership
    This award will go to a Professional Athlete who has demonstrated exceptional vision, passion, and commitment to Leadership, developing or supporting a measurable paradigm.
  • Philanthropic Endeavour: Advocacy
    This prize will be awarded to a Professional Athlete whose work sets him/herself apart as a role model. He/she will have demonstrated exceptional skills in championing a cause or program of significant international repute.
  • Philanthropic Endeavour: Youth Engagement
    This award will go a Professional Athlete who has demonstrated exceptional vision, passion, and commitment to Youth Engagement and made a measurable impact on lives.
  • Philanthropic Endeavour: Community Action
    This award will be given to a Professional Athlete who has remarkably changed the lives of a community or communities.


“On-Field” Awards Categories:

  • Outstanding Achievement: Best Player (Male)
  • Outstanding Achievement: Best Player (Female)
  • Outstanding Achievement: Young Player
  • Outstanding Achievement: Management
  • Outstanding Achievement: Career


BoA XI: Team of the Year