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Best of Africa was founded in 2011 aspiring to challenge us to go beyond stereotypes, prejudices and preconceptions.

Through the years we have sought to foster a better understanding of the African continent and her children by creating an evening led by the activities and examples of a chosen few stellar names; The Best of Africa Awards Dinner.


It was founded to support and celebrate African-owned philanthropic endeavours as well as to draw attention to the remarkable contribution of Africans in the United Kingdom. 

At BoA, we see the visibility and reach of sport and music as key conduits for the amplification of the positive narrative. We firmly believe that harnessing the power of these two sectors could help shine a light on the other remarkable professional success stories Africa has to offer the world. Most importantly, the young people to whom the world belongs are better served when we use the popular conduits they relate to.

We are not an event. We are a call to action, a call to better understanding, greater exchanges and a commitment to deeper engagement.


There is an African saying: “If you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven't spent a night with a mosquito.”

And a difference we will make.

Francis Nkwain Founder of BOA



"As a proud panAfricanist, I feel even more strongly than ever that it is important that the African Diaspora know and take its rightful place in the important development agenda."

Aisha Hughton CEO of BoA




"I have the pleasure of working on an event that speaks of everything I am passionate about; Africa, philanthropy, football and entertainment. We are very proud of what BoA has accomplished so far, but we are also excited about the future." 

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