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BOA 2023 Highlights 2
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Gold leaves by Tevei Renvoyéd
Best of Africa Awards Dinner 2019


The Best of Africa Awards Dinner was founded in 2011 to support and celebrate African-owned philanthropic endeavour as well as to draw attention to the remarkable contribution of Africans in the United Kingdom. 

At BoA, we see the visibility and reach of sport and music as key conduits for the amplification of the positive narrative. We firmly believe that harnessing the power of these two sectors could help shine a light on the other remarkable professional success stories Africa has to offer the world. Most importantly, the young people to whom the world belongs are better served when we use the popular conduits they relate to.

Chris Hughton Best of Adrica by Gaffer Magazie

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and showcase the best of Africa to celebrate those who are prepared to give something back. It’s a part of life that society don’t often get to see.” 

Chris Hughton